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THE OUTDOORS – by us for you – is full of passion for the adventure.

We hope that our platform will inspire you, motivate you to leave your everyday life behind, get out into nature, and discover our wonderful world. It makes no difference if your steps are large or small, whether you are with your family or your dog, whether it's a short trek or a thru-hike. Let's experience the adventure together!

Our articles, guest contributions, and interviews revolve around nature – how our natural environment influences us as human beings, how we can protect it, and the unique experiences awaiting us in the great outdoors.

We write about bikepacking treks across the Alps, the hidden life of trees, and the hype surrounding birdwatching. We have interviewed people who have devoted their lives to fight against the deluge of plastic trash, with designers who create breathtaking objects out of trash, and with artists who make diamonds out of smog.

And who is putting it all together behind the scenes? We are – Max, Kim, Alex and Daniel – as well as many fascinating authors and protagonists. However, the success of this platform hinges not only on us but, above all, on our readers. We, therefore, look forward to accounts of your own experiences, constructive criticism, and, of course, positive feedback and new ideas.

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