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With our new collection, you’ll be ready for any outdoor adventure.

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The Force Striker

Unleash the force with each step

Our FORCE STRIKER will enable you to hike faster for longer periods without getting tired. They will let you achieve every goal that you’ve dreamed of.

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Unleash the force with each step

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Join us on the infinite hike

Outfits for challenging hikes

No route is too long when with our hiking kit. The styles will protect you from windy and rainy weather, look cool, and they are perfect for mixing and matching.

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The perfect companions for the Wolftrail.

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Casual, smart and modern: our lightweight collection contains everything for your everyday needs – and it’s ultralight and packs up small. With PACK AND GO!, you’ll be flexible and spontaneous under any circumstances or in any situation.

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Do it big. Do it right. Do it with style.

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Live for the moment. Flexible and spontaneous 24/7. When you’re out and about, the streets are your gym, the city is your playground. The 365 Collection is all about uniting style and performance.

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Mosquito repellent – no chemicals

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Mosquito repellent is important! It stops annoying mosquitoes from biting you and spreading infectious diseases. You’ll be on the safe side with our MOSQUITO-PROOF technology!

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Protect the oceans

Love the oceans

Recycled plastic from the oceans. Our new SEAQUAL T-shirts are not only made with organic cotton but with SEAQUAL™ yarn, too. This Spanish company collects and recycles waste that has been fished out of the sea, thereby giving new life to plastic which is put to good use in our products.

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